Altaona Golf & Country Village: The Resort and its Services



Known also as Altaona Golf, this emerging resort is situated in the Murcia Region of Spain, nestled along the Mediterranean Costa Calida. Positioned at the base of the Sierra de Carrascoy natural park, it presents a breathtaking mountainous backdrop and a serene ambiance. Numerous stunning beaches are just a short drive away, and both Murcia city and Murcia International Airport are conveniently located approximately 10 minutes away, ensuring that everything you desire is easily accessible from Altaona Golf & Country Village.

As you traverse Altaona Golf Murcia, you’ll discover it as a tranquil oasis, featuring open spaces and enchanting gardens seamlessly integrated into the picturesque natural surroundings. The resort is securely gated, providing 24-hour security for your peace of mind.

The ongoing modernisation of the resort is in progress, with various contemporary properties from different developers being constructed. Exciting plans for new facilities are also in the works, enhancing the overall experience, as we delve into below.

Bars, Restaurants & The Parador

Beyond the exceptional 18-hole golf course, Altaona Golf & Country Village presents a wealth of offerings, and ongoing modernisations and future developments in the resort promise even more attractions.

At the heart of Altaona Golf Murcia there are plans for ‘The Parador,’ a meticulously restored traditional Spanish square. Designed to preserve the beauty and charm of the 300-year-old Spanish farm that once occupied this space, The Parador features a picturesque Mediterranean-style chapel with a bell tower. Serving as a delightful hub within the resort, it encompasses restaurants, shops, and other amenities, creating a captivating meeting place.

The resort also houses a charming clubhouse equipped with a restaurant, bar, and golf pro shop. Sports enthusiasts can revel in the presence of padel, tennis, and multi-sport courts.

For those fond of outdoor activities, the surrounding area is a haven for hikers, offering numerous trails through the mountains and nature reserve. Additionally, the terrain is perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts.

As part of the resort’s ongoing ‘masterplan,’ exciting new facilities are on the horizon with continued development. Anticipate the addition of more bars and restaurants, a hotel, supermarket, gym, spa, and a host of other amenities, enhancing the overall experience for residents and visitors alike.

Altaona golf country village property for sale

The Golf Course

Altaona Golf & Country Village boasts a captivating 18-hole golf course as one of its main highlights. Crafted by Stirling & Martin Golf Architects, the course gracefully winds through the heart of the resort, resembling a verdant corridor nestled amidst the buildings. Embracing the gently undulating natural terrain, adorned with sparse vegetation, it creates an optimal setting for a delightful and unhurried golfing experience, accompanied by an easy stroll.

Reputed as ‘challenging, yet not overwhelming,’ the course caters to players of all skill levels. Its enjoyable and strategic layout features abundant trees, lakes, and well-placed bunkers, providing a rewarding challenge for those who value precision in their play.

For enthusiasts seeking to fine-tune their skills, a convenient driving range is situated in close proximity to the first tee

The surrounding area

Nearby Towns and Cities:

  • City of Murcia (12-minute drive): Murcia City seamlessly blends history and modernity. The stunning Murcia Cathedral, surrounded by charming streets and bustling markets, stands as a testament to its architectural richness. The city’s cultural scene thrives with festivals, and the Murcia Riverbanks offer a serene escape.
  • Cartagena (20-minute drive): Rooted in Roman history, Cartagena boasts treasures like the Roman Theatre and architectural wonders like the Palacio Consistorial. The maritime heritage echoes in the Naval Museum, while the vibrant port area offers delightful waterfront promenades.
  • Los Alcazares (25-minute drive): Nestled along the Mar Menor, Los Alcazares is celebrated for its sandy beaches, calm waters, and relaxed vibe, making it a charming coastal destination.
  • Torrevieja (50-minute drive): A lively coastal town known for salt lakes and Mediterranean allure, Torrevieja features palm-lined promenades, bustling markets, and seafood delights, creating a vibrant waterfront.
Altaona golf country village property for sale 2
Murcia before sunset


  • Murcia (12-minute drive): Blend traditional markets with modern retail spaces in Murcia’s historic centre, offering diverse local crafts, clothing, and artisanal goods.
  • Dos Mares (25-minute drive): Located in San Javier, Dos Mares is a popular shopping centre featuring a wide array of stores, dining options, and cultural events.
  • Cartagena: The historic centre blends historic allure with modern convenience, offering traditional markets, stylish boutiques, and international brands.
  • La Zenia Boulevard (30-minute drive): The largest shopping mall in the Alicante province, La Zenia Boulevard boasts over 150 stores, combining international brands with local favourites in an open-air environment.
Altaona golf country village property for sale 3
Exterior of La Zenia Boulevard

Conclusion to Altaona Golf & Country Village: The Resort and its Services

In summary, Altaona Golf & Country Village is a premier destination, seamlessly combining natural beauty, modern amenities, and recreational opportunities. Nestled in the Murcia Region of Spain, the resort offers a secure and gated environment with 24-hour security.

The captivating 18-hole golf course, designed by Stirling & Martin Golf Architects, is complemented by upcoming cultural attractions like ‘The Parador.’ Beyond golf, Altaona GOlf Murcia resort caters to diverse interests with a charming clubhouse, sports facilities, and outdoor activities. Ongoing modernisations and a master plan promise additional facilities, enriching the experience.

Proximity to nearby towns and cities adds cultural depth, while shopping enthusiasts can explore traditional markets and modern retail spaces. In essence, Altaona Golf & Country Village offers a dynamic lifestyle in the heart of picturesque Murcia.

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