Getting a Spanish Mortgage

About Spanish Mortgages

If you’re considering acquiring property in Spain, you might find it beneficial to secure a Spanish mortgage from a foreign bank. While this may seem a bit overwhelming, proper research before committing can simplify the process.

Traditionally, variable rate mortgages were prevalent in Spain. However, in recent years, fixed-rate mortgages with extended terms have gained popularity, offering increased stability.

The amount one can borrow is contingent upon individual circumstances. For non-residents, the average loan-to-value ratio is approximately 60-70% over 25-30 years. Residents who pay Spanish taxes and reside in the country may qualify for higher borrowing limits over a more extended period. These details vary on a case-by-case basis.

Getting a Spanish Mortgage

Drawing from our extensive experience, we emphasise the importance of researching and securing your Spanish mortgage early in your journey to becoming a Spanish homeowner. Too often, we’ve witnessed potential buyers losing their dream property due to a lack of secured funding.

As you embark on the exciting journey of exploring properties in Spain, being in a position to make an offer upon finding your dream home is ideal. Knowing that your funding is in place, and you are financially prepared to make an offer or even pay a deposit, enhances your overall experience.

To kickstart your search for the best mortgage, we strongly recommend engaging an international mortgage broker. Our collaboration with such professionals specialising in Spanish mortgages ensures that you benefit in several ways:

  • Expertise in international mortgages, understanding variances in property laws, regulations, and taxes compared to your home country.
  • Personalised advice tailored to your individual circumstances and needs.
  • Bilingual staff, alleviating concerns about language barriers and complex terminology.
  • Established professional relationships and potential access to better deals.
  • Negotiation skills to eliminate unnecessary and costly products, potentially saving you thousands.


Acquiring a Spanish mortgage need not be a daunting experience. When you choose to purchase a property with us, our dedicated team accompanies you every step of the way—from securing a Spanish mortgage to finding your perfect home, through completion, and beyond. If you have questions about Spanish mortgages or anything else, feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you.

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